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Anonymous asked: Being raised in the south ivs been taught lesbian/ gay activity is "bad". But I can't help it, the only porn that turns me on is either female masturbation or girl on girl. I'm a female myself, and love the thought of a girl fingering me.


I was raised (and still live) in the south as well, so I understand the preoccupation with the genitals of others folks around here tend to have. Realize that this is a method of social control through stigmatization which is the result of a regional obsession with a particularly cancerous breed of Christian philosophy which is primarily concerned with growing it’s ranks thus growing it’s bankroll thus growing it’s influence and power. Bottom line, your worth, to them, is in reproduction which is why they are anti-homosexuality, anti-sexual education, anti-birth control and anti-abortion. This cycle will never end until we cease defining ourselves by who we choose to allow to touch our genitals.  In addition, we must cease allowing others to do so for us. Love who you want to love, fuck who you want to fuck and raise your middle finger to anyone who presumes to tell you who those people should be.